Introducing our 2020 New Series 1 Mamzelles

They Go On Sale On eBay Sunday 15th Nov 12 noon PST


Watch for next series coming soon!


Recent Mamzelle Series Now Sold Out

Mamzelle de Paris  TM          Unique Fashion Dolls

Mamzelle de Paris Unique Fashion Dolls

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Nous Parlons Français Bien Sûr !

The Good News
A limited number of brand new never-before-seen Mamzelle dolls are now arriving!
They will go on sale this coming Sunday November 15th at noon PST on eBay.
We hope to release additional dolls over the next few months.
The Very Sad News
It’s the END OF AN ERA - no more dolls can be made! Yes, really.
After seven years of highly creative designs and many production problems along the way, these unique handmade small French fashion dolls cannot be made any more.
Many reasons - the highly skilled European craftspeople have retired, the pandemic has caused widespread chaos in the workshops and supply chains and, most of all, the days of mass market inexpensive hard vinyl dolls from China & Asia have crushed the small handmade soft vinyl doll market worldwide. We simply cannot compete anymore.
We thank all our wonderfully loyal customers 

Those of you who have supported us by loving their Mamzelles so devotedly. We created these amazing, innocent and cheeky dolls all together and we can never thank you enough. The recent death of Edmund Kiraz in Paris, whose talent inspired us all, marks the official end of this brilliant era.
But it’s not all over just yet 
Our final new series of Mamzelles will be released in the coming months until no more are left. They will all have shoes, most will have panties, but only a few bras will be available. We very much regret that, due to protracted delivery and tracking problems with international shipments, we can only sell to customers in North America.
Stay Tuned!

We can cry together but still have lots of fun with all our memories.