Series 5 Now Sold Out

Natasha (Left)  & Maya (Right)

Available for Sale with Underwear & Shoes

$109 plus shipping & handling

Only 8 of each available

Series 6 Now Sold Out - Many Thanks

Series 1 Sold Out

Mamzelle de Paris  TM          Unique Fashion Dolls

Series 4 Sold Out

Series 2 Sold Out

Series 3 Sold Out.

All dolls are hand-crafted to the highest quality standards in Europe

They are sold with minimal packaging to minimize waste & shipping costs

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Series 7 Now Sold Out - Many Thanks

April 2020:

 Note that during the pandemic we will no longer update these pages

and they may not load correctly due to internet overload

Les Midinettes

Brigitte  (left)  Françoise  (right)

Fully Dressed with Shoes and Panties

$179 plus shipping - Only 6 of each Available

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