Series 1 Sold Out

Series 7 Now Sold Out - Many Thanks

Les Midinettes

Brigitte  (left)  Françoise  (right)

Fully Dressed with Shoes and Panties

$179 plus shipping - Only 6 of each Available

Series 2 Sold Out

February 2020:

 Exclusive Collection "Satin & Lace"

All dolls are hand-crafted to the highest quality standards in Europe

They are sold with minimal packaging to minimize waste & shipping costs

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Natasha (Left)  & Maya (Right)

Available for Sale with Underwear & Shoes

$109 plus shipping & handling

Only 8 of each available

Series 4 Sold Out

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Series 6 Now Sold Out - Many Thanks

Series 3 Sold Out.

Series 5 Now Sold Out

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